Party Banter Friday | November

Party Banter Friday: 

In Which A Librarian Provides You With An Interesting Fact to Make You More Popular During Weekend Socializing


Happy PBF! As it’s November or “eatin’ season”, many of us are dusting off our cookbooks and our elastic pants in anticipation of the many cocktail parties, potlucks, and nightcaps we will hopefully garner invitations to. For most of these affairs, you’ll have to bring a dish to pass and, because you’re reading this, you’ll also be armed with a foodie fact to share.

This week’s fact comes from the new cookbook 200 Skills Every Cook Must Have: The Step-by-Step Methods That Will Turn a Good Cook Into a Great Cook by Clara Paul and Eric Treuille. It’s full of pictures and easy to follow instructions from salting a fish to poaching fruit in wine.

As well as this little morsel…

The spice saffron is really expensive. 

Ok, you knew that. But did you know why? Saffron comes from the the dried stigma of the saffron crocus and can only be picked BY HAND, making it a very labor-intensive job.


Save this fact to add faux-casually during post-dinner conversation in the hopes that everyone will assume you are a master chef and not the guest that brought the extra napkins.

Another fact, on the house, if you are the guest that was asked to bring extra napkins, your host distrusts either your cooking or your organizational skills.

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Happy bantering!

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