TADL #toread: Sarah Lucas

Another bright young 40 Under 40er sent us her (partial!) #toread pile. Sarah Lucas is the Regional Planning Program Manager at the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments and reads so much she had to buy a second table to “make room for the ever-growing stacks of books I MUST read – before I can move on to the shelf of must-reads on the shelf…”

We asked Sarah:

Is there a book you always say you’re going to read but probably never will? Ulysses by James Joyce

What book to you recommend for other people’s #toread piles?  Lost in the Cosmos by Walker Percy. Thought-provoking, strange, and entertaining; Walker Percy is probably one of the most under-appreciated of American authors.

Thanks for sharing Sarah! We noticed a TADL book in that stack too!

 Want to show us what you’re reading?: Post a picture of your #toread stack and use the hashtags #tadltoread and #fineprint.

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