Library Lurve: Not So Traditional Holiday Movies

I’ll be hosting my brother and his family during the holidays and it’s always a tradition for us to make homemade pizza and sack out on the couch for family movie night. Sure, I love the holiday movie classics but over the years I’ve come to enjoy some more recent movies that have joined the ranks among my holiday favorites. Some may be a little unexpected and hopefully offer a pleasant surprise to inspire your own movie night this holiday season.

Ready? Ok, here they are, my top 5 holiday movie picks (available at your library…for FREE! Srsly, free).


1. Edward Scissorhands (1990) written and directed by Tim Burton
The ultimate Tim Burton movie as far as I’m concerned. The costume design, the make-up, the Depp. It’s a touching story of an almost human creation who is first accepted by his suburban neighbors and then cast away and shunned but not before he creates the most beautiful snow angel for the most beautiful snow dance ever. This movie brings tears to my eyes for many reasons.

2. The Family Stone (2005) written and directed by Thomas Bezucha
Experience an entire family’s worth of drama overflowing with legit moments of genuine emotion and awkwardness in all things that are love and family. Fly your freak flag!

3. Rare Exports (2010) written and directed by Jalmari Helander
I first saw this movie on the big screen at the State Theatre. It was a little more demonic than I had anticipated, which I loved! It’s a Finnish film offering an exceptionally odd sense of humor. This movie will forever change the way you think of Santa.

4. Gremlins (1984) directed by Joe Dante and written by Chris Columbus
What if your cute, fuzzy Christmas gift turned into pure evil? Well, that’s what you can look forward to in this comedy/horror film starring Billy and Gizmo. I must admit when I was younger and first watched Gremlins I was more horrified than amused. But, watching it now…it’s pretty funny.

5. The Royal Tenenbaums (2010) written and directed by Wes Anderson
Add this move to your annual playlist for full enjoyment of this Anderson masterpiece. With each viewing I find something new and surprising that I hadn’t noticed before. An estranged family of former child prodigies reunite in their childhood home after the news that their  father is terminally ill. It’s a movie about a weird family and what better way to celebrate the holidays than hanging out with your own weird family while you watch and celebrate another on the screen.

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