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In Which A Librarian Tries to Solve Your Personal Problems with Literature

Did you mean to get around to making some changes in the new year, but 2015 just rolled around so fast? Did you tell yourself you were going to read those January 1st resolution articles that all your friends posted, but then by the time you got around to it you didn’t feel up to all that scrolling? Were you just too excited about the new season of The Bachelor to think about anything else, but then after you watched it you felt, more than ever, the need to find purpose in your life?

Just because the new year already started, doesn’t mean it’s too late to make a change. But since you’re already a little late to the game (and a little bit lazy), might as well assess your options before you jump in. The library has information about pretty much whatever new thing you want to start doing or old thing you want to stop doing. Go ahead and dabble a bit before you get crazy with the “taking action”. 2015 isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Grab a snack, maybe waste some time watching daytime television and then leisurely check out the list of resolution options below, based on my extensive research of what I feel like people are probably resolving to do this year (I’m a little bit lazy too):

body1. Start a weird diet or a not-that-weird diet. I was just poking through our collection of dieting books and we’ve got something for any crazy or sane way you could think of to lose weight. You could diet every other day, you could diet for 17 days or 4 days. If you’re a MILF or a goddess, or a thug, there is a diet for you. If you want to live longer, eat yourself more fertile, eat only specific colors, we’ve got it. Getting your diet book at the library is particularly genius because by the time you’ve quit, you’ll have to return it so it won’t lurk around your house judging you.

2. Cook more. I think I’ve mentioned our cookbook selection before, have I not? We just have a splendiferous cookbook collection. You should come in and look and take a few home. Even if you just look at the pictures while you eat pizza rolls.

3. If that all seems “a little much”, you could just resolve to eat breakfast, like sometimes. Whole Grain Mornings can help you out there. A Real American Breakfast can also inspire you to at least scramble an egg.

4. Drink more water. There’s not really a book about this. You should just drink more water. But you can watch Tapped, a documentary about access to clean drinking water, while you drink more water.

5. Exercise. We’ve got exercise DVDs from Jane to Jillian! You can do yoga, work out that core, there are several items with the name “bootcamp” in them if you’re into that. Do it! Or think about doing it.

6. Sleep better. If all that serious thinking about eating right and moving more hasn’t worn you out, you might read what the guys over at Harvard have to say about a good night’s sleep; as well as several books and DVDs with advice on making your children sleep, ALL of which I have personally read and/or watched in an attempt to my own child to sleep (the winner here for me was the Sleepeasy Solution).

mom7. Make/save/somehow get your hands on s’more money. Peruse Money magazine for FREE and get a leg up on saving money. If you’re a young buck you can read The Student Loan Mess. Old bucks can read The 5 Years Before You Retire or choose from our bevvy of retirement planning books. We’ve got yer Jim Cramer, yer Suze Orman, and yes, we have the weird bow-tie Free Money guy from the commercial. And if all this talk about money money money money has you disheartened, read The Man Who Quit Money and consider the option of living in a cave like Suelo.

8. Find a new job. Come on over and search for jobs with our free wi-fi, using one of our computers or laptops. And while you’re here, read The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals about How to Find a Great Job… Or just tell everyone you’re doing that and come to the library and look at fun stuff.

9. Find a new partner.  Reignite some passion with your old partner. We have all of Steve Harvey‘s books. Nuff said.

10. Get out more.  Whether getting out means the great outdoors or trekking the globe, you can start at the library. Look in the 508 section for Natural History (i.e. books about going outside, I particularly like The Bumper Book of Nature). Or if you’re hoping to travel more, check out the 914-919s for wanderlust.

11. Get organized. Oh yeah, we’ve got stuff about that. And we’ve conveniently organized them for you here.


12. Lay off the technology, except for reading Fine Print. Eric Brende has some really interesting things to say about man and machine in his book Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology. It’s call number is 303.483 BRE in case you’ve already given up technology by the time you get here and can’t look it up in the catalog.

13. Free your mind by being nicer and happier. George Saunders gave a great speech on kindness that you probably didn’t hear if you didn’t graduate from Syracuse University. So you can read it in book form. It’s called Congratulations, By the Way. I find that even typing the word “happiness” into a search bar makes me happy, but if you’re more high maintenance, you could try Spontaneous Happiness, A Short Guide to a Happy Life or this sweet art book by an adorable woman named Maira Kalman called And the Pursuit of Happiness.

14. Free Your Mind by listening to more En Vogue this year. Step 1 and 2: Be color blind and don’t be so shallow. The rest will follow.

15. Dance like no one is watching. I see this phrase emblazoned on a lot of crafts, so I assume this is a resolution of many. I’ll just leave this here.

I hope this post RESOLUTIONIZED your 2015. My resolution was to create more words.

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