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In Which A Librarian Tries to Solve Your Personal Problems with Literature

Today a question for the multi-tasking lover of music and literature from Joelle:

Q: Can you tell me some good music to listen to while reading that is not classical?

A: The folks over at Psychology Today say the jury’s still out on whether or not it’s productive for you to listen to music while you’re doing other stuff. I guess they’ve never experienced Dark Side of the Rainbow. I think, with the right type of music and a good book, you can get an excellent flow happening. And, as always, Tom from Sight & Sound can help you find it.

Here are the library’s Top 10 albums to listen to while reading:

William Ackerman – Imaginary Roads (Guitar Music, New Age)

Ansel Adams: Official Film Soundtrack (Instrumental Music that brings to mind the American wilderness)

Bill Frisell – Big Sur (Jazz)- “California dreaming adds sweep to jazz.”

Wes Montgomery – Movin’ Wes (Jazz)

Carlos Nakai – Earth Spirit: Native American Flute Music

Noah Preminger – Before the Rain (Jazz)

 Patricia Spiro – Silk and Bamboo (Chinese Harp Music)
 The Straight Story: Official Soundtrack (Soundtrack) “Tenderness can be just as abstract as insanity.” -David Lynch
Photo credit: Woman reading a book via photopin (license) and DJ Popeye

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