Called Out For Excessive Window Shopping

Hey Tiger Fans,

We’re lookin’ pretty good this year, eh? Ehhhhh? And I’ve got a new superstition that will help us ensure those Tigers keep go gettin’ em. Instead of growing our beards out or not changing our socks (these things tend to scare the patrons), let’s all consume as much baseball pop culture as we can and our collective Field of Dreams vibes will float up into those Pure Michigan skies and hover right over Comerica Park. If you read/watch/listen to it, they will win. Sorry, am I getting too The Secret-y?

The late great Ernie Harwell used to say that a player was “called out for excessive window shopping” after a strikeout. But window shopping at the library is a good thing. Like a good FREE thing.

So if you love the Tigers, browse through our baseball collection. They’re all homers! To make this list, I channeled my inner Lynn Wells, the librarian with the heart of bitter from Major League:


“Agh, I got some readin’ to do.”: BOOKS 



” What about losers? What about failures? What about the ordinary @$*! outcasts of this world – who happen to comprise ninety percent of the human race! Don’t they have dreams, Agni?”                                                   – Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel


“Why do we remember the Boys of Summer? We remember because we were young when they were, of course.”- Roger Kahn’s The Boys of Summer

“In case you haven’t noticed and, judging by the attendance, you haven’t…”: MOVIES:


Pitcher’s Got A Big Butt: Baseball’s Underdogs

I Believe in the Church of Baseball: Baseball and Redheaded Women

  • Field of Dreams: Kevin Costner stars as a baseball guy with a sassy red-headed love interest named Annie who loves reading. “Is this heaven?” “It’s Iowa.” Gah, this is a good movie.
  • Bull Durham: Kevin Costner stars as a baseball guy with a sassy red-headed love interest named…Annie…who loves reading. And off-shoulder tops! But actually totally different.
  • A League of Their Own: Hey Geena Davis. Where’d you go, girl? I’ll always be a wannabe Rockford Peach.
  • Fever Pitch:  Drew’s cute. Jimmy’s cute. And the Red Sox actually won when they were filming this movie. That’s the real game at the end there. #specialfeaturesnerd
  • Trouble with the Curve: I think at this point we’ve established at this point that baseball guys can only love redheaded women. This is a great flick if you want to trick your husband into watching an emo flick by saying, “I got a baseball movie at the library!”

With or Without an Asterick: History Lessons

  • Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns: If you’ve got 18.5 hours to kill, check out all 9 innings of this Emmy-award winning documentary.
  • Pride of the Yankees: The story of Lou Gehrig as portrayed by dreamboat Gar Cooper.
  • Eight Men Out: Charlie Sheen, John Cusak and the guy from The Cutting Edge tell the story of the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal.
  • 42: A bio film that shows the career of Jackie Robinson as he struck that color barrier out.
  • The Rookie: Based on a true story and every minor league baseball player’s favorite movie.
  • Moneyball: What’s sexier than a good-lookin’ catcher? Statistics.

“Wild thing, you make my heart sing.”: SONGS


There’s nothing quite like sitting outside with the radio coming through the screen window and a baseball game tuned in–but there are a few songs that come close. Like Centerfield by John  Fogerty or Joe DiMaggio Done It Again by Billy Bragg and Wilco (lyrics by Woodie Guthrie). Miggy and Verlander are both walking up to Eminem this year. Click here to see walk up songs for the whole team.

That’s all for now Tigers fans. I’m looooong gone.

This post is dedicated to my dad who loves baseball the most and always helped me cheer for Sweet Bou Whitaker (I had trouble with my L’s).

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