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Party Banter Friday: 

In Which A Librarian Provides You With An Interesting Fact to Make You More Popular During Weekend Socializing

I love to get my street cred in the Sight & Sound department. I usually accomplish this by waving around the hip new/rare old album that my husband asked if I would pick up for him and then waiting until staff gets distracted by another patron and sneaking off to get Trisha Yearwood’s Greatest Hits for myself.

So when my husband asked me if I wanted to watch a documentary about a pioneer of Nigerian synth-funk,  I sensed an opportunity to look cool in front of S&S once again. Actually, I haughtily replied, “No, leave me alone. I’m reading my book.” But once I heard those beats and peered up from my book to see the cowboy-hat clad William Onyeabor, I knew that the false respect I’d been gaining from my co-workers downstairs was going to hit an all-time high. And if you’re going to a party this weekend, you can gain false respect too!:

Admired by some of the biggest names in American and British pop, but a mystery man since the 1980s, when he became an evangelical Christian and began refusing to discuss his music, the story of William Onyeabor is the perfect subject for party banter. Also, this should have been the first thing I wrote, the music is sweeeeet.

Watch Fantastic Man to learn more about Onyeabor (it’s about half an hour long), then stop by and get the album, Who Is William Onyeabor?  We have an excellent international music section, so you’ll probably have an armload by the time you check out. Just don’t tell the Sight & Sound guys you caught me jammin’ to “Like We Never Had a Broken Heart” or I’ll stop giving you party facts.

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