Let Us DJ Your Summer Road Trip

Who wants to go on a road trip? Over here at the library, we can feel the excitement radiating from all of the patrons rushing to the travel section, grabbing their favorite beach read authors, and tripping over the new flip-flops they’re trying to break in. So far, no one has invited us along.  😥 😥 😥

But LOTS of people have asked us what they should listen to while they travel, and that’s pretty close. We like to live vicariously through your travel plans. So please, let us DJ Your Roadtrip.


Find us on Facebook or send an email to ask@tadl.org with the subject “DJ My Roadtrip”. Tell us where you’re headed and how long you’ll be driving and we’ll put together a combination of music and audiobooks to match your trip!

Cruising toward Nashville? We’ll give you all the Dolly, Johnny, and Blake you’ll need. Driving all the way to the desert? How about some Dune? We’ll even do imaginary road trips, if that’s your thing.

So, c’mon, ask us! You’ve got so much packing and planning and pretending you’re going to get into bathing suit shape to do. We’ll take care of this part.

Photo Credit: The featured image is Desert Road by William Warby


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