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Party Banter Friday: 

In Which A Librarian Provides You With An Interesting Fact to Make You More Popular During Weekend Socializing

By the time you read this, I’ll be huddled in a tent in black bear country singing old 4H songs like “One Tin Soldier” to myself in order to stay calm. Or, I could be eating ice cream outside a Dairy Queen or in a car trying to convince my family we should go to Dairy Queen, depending on when you get around to reading this.

The point is, I’m going camping and I’m scared of bears. So this Friday, we’re all going to learn some bear facts. Ready? This is the information I gleaned from Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival by Denise Long.

Don’t keep any food on you! NONE! This may seem like common sense, but Long also mentioned that campers and hikers should steer clear of scented lotions and lip balms. “You don’t want to make yourself smell yummy to a bear,” she writes. Yikes bikes. I cannot believe I almost left for camping without that information. Smell ya later Dr. Pepper chapstick.

The most common reason bears attack is because you’ve startled them. Don’t startle them! Make noise when you’re hiking with a bear bell or good old fashioned clapping and yelling.  Be extra noisy around rivers or creeks that are loud (OMG, we’re going to see waterfalls! What if bears are there?) and food sources like berry patches and dead animals and picanic baskets.

No eye contact! Don’t bend over! Back away slowly while talking soothingly, unless that seems to upset the bear. Don’t upset the bear!

Have fun at your bear-less parties this weekend, you guys. If you need me, I’ll be curled into a ball protecting my vital organs.

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