Selected Shorts

I hate shorts. I haven’t worn them since culottes went out of style. They’re uncomfortable and they’re never the right length and my thighs always stick to the chairs and they are terrible.

My mom made these in a Save the Rainforest print for me.
My mom made these in a Save the Rainforest print for me.

So this isn’t about those kind of awful shorts. This is about nice shorts. FREE Shorts. Shorts that won’t chafe.

Selected Shorts is a weekly radio show that airs readings of short stories, and also records live performances of people reading short works at the Symphony Space in New York City (new life goal: make it to one of these shows). And our audiobook collection has several of these collections, because my co-worker Betsy is awesome.

The recordings are usually based around a theme: women writers, road trip stories, baseball, food, or whodunits to name a few. They are the opposite of wearable shorts: neither too short or too long, they envelop you in comfort instead of sorrow and displeasure , and they…that’s all the shorts metaphors I can think of and I’d venture a guess you’re tiring of it as well, ay?

Anyway, they’re great. It’s the next best thing to actually attending a reading, plus you can be running errands or cleaning out your cat litter while you listen.

One of my recent favorites was listening to Holly Hunter read  “The Story of My Life” by Kim Edwards in the Wondrous Women recording. I also didn’t realize Grace Paley’s story “The Loudest Voice” was actually hilarious until I listened to it on the Family Matters recording. I even checked out the William Hurt collection and the only thing I’ve seen him in is Broadcast News (you caught me, I’m a Holly Hunter superfan). And guess what? It was amazing. He read a Tobias Wolff story and made me cry.

Listening to a story read can evoke emotions that reading in silence cannot and the added bonus of hearing the audience laugh or getting to hear a story in Angelica Huston’s voice instead of your own gives a tale so much shape. Also, you can pretend that whoever your listening to is your friend telling you a story, in my case:

It’s September now. Time for pants. So put some on, get over here and check out these Selected Shorts.



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