Book Fitting: Wedding Planning

I am getting married! I was never the type of girl to dream about my future wedding and plan it out in detail… I was more likely to fantasize about the layout of my future home library or how my first archaeological dig would go.  But now I’m faced with the seemingly monumental task of planning a wedding for my friends, my family, and myself. This is far easier on my Fiance (of course) since he is an only child with a small family and I’m from a massive Irish Catholic family who all expect to be invited as well as a certain level of pomp and circumstance (and an open bar).


Due to the upcoming nuptials and my complete ignorance when it comes to planning something like this, I have been getting into the wedding guides and wedding book selections offered in our collection.  The wedding is going to be a do-it-yourself affair, hopefully at an outdoor venue with an indoor reception. Music, budget, decor, food, dresses, color schemes, invitations, vows, gifts for the wedding party, rehearsal dinner – all of it is in my wildly unprepared and  untrained hands, oh and the whole thing is going to be popping off in about a year and a half.

Awesome. Did I mention I wanted to elope?

The Knot: Outdoor Weddings : Fresh Ideas for events in gardens, vineyards, beaches, mountains, and more by Carly Roney


Like I said above, I want to get married outdoors and this book has a lot of awesome photographs and ideas. These couples make weddings look so easy! Just show up on a mountain top or in a barn strung with fairy lights looking like love incarnate and BOOM, married. Though this book is less about planning your wedding and much more about style, there were a lot helpful hints about keeping your guests comfortable no matter what the weather has in store and how to come up with a sensible and still beautiful “Plan B” in case the storm of the century happens on your special day. Rain on a wedding day is supposed to be good luck, right?

Style Me Pretty Weddings : Inspiration & Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration by Abby Larson


Who doesn’t want to be pretty? Especially on your wedding day. This is the first book I looked at that used “tablescape,” a word that fills me with anxiety and dread. The plates and flatware need to be planned for how they look against tablecloths? WHY!? While the cover of this book may look very traditional, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  It was definitely written with millennials (the vast majority of people getting married at the moment) in mind. The ideas are cute, quirky, easily personalized, and in many cases, affordable. I really liked the “Advice” and “Special Touches” sections in the book. Basically these sections are quick little “don’t panic, go with your gut, you’ll be fine” reminders. That’s something every bride-to-be could use right! What’s even better is that all this advice is offered up by the couple whose wedding is being profiled. Real life advice from people who have been there, very helpful indeed! They even go a step further with a whole DIY section for some of the decor found in the featured weddings. I got a lot of ideas from the “whimsical” and “al fresco” chapters in this book. Each chapter represents a style of wedding and comes with a style blueprint so if you love a certain style or want to combine styles it’s really easy to figure out how to get the look you want.

Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas & inspiration by Martha Stewart 


Hyper-organized, very beautiful, and EXTREMELY detailed in a way only Martha Stewart can be, this book delves into every aspect of planning a wedding from engagement, to ceremony and reception and finally send off. The advice and styles come from Martha Stewart Weddings magazine which began in 1995. Trends over the last two decades are identified as well as what is currently hot and what is not. Included are step by step guides to EVERYTHING included in this impressive volume. Martha (yes we are on a first name basis now) even gives you helpful break down of the budget, how to merge religions in one ceremony, the names of different dress styles, and great advice on writing your vows. I am still in the beginning stages of planning so this book was a little overwhelming for me but I can definitely see using it a lot down the road. I’m going to have to buy a copy!

Weddings in Color by Vane Broussard & Minhee Cho


You guys, this book is so much FUN. It’s just color palletes that are then broken down by how those colors can be used in flowers, fashion, paper products, “tablescapes” *shudder* and more. At the end of each chapter they have an “Ask the Expert” section about catering, cakes, fashion, and planning. This is a really great beginning-to-get-excited-about-your-wedding book and a great one to help you nail your color scheme and get DIY projects planned out. Not so helpful with scheduling and planning things down to the last microsecond/cent like Martha does (love her but terrified of her) but it’s a great starting point and super fun book.

And at last, my favorite title.


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