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Fine Print Revived!!!

Hello all you Traverse Area District Library patrons and Fine Print readers!

I’m Colleen, the newest sheriff in town.

I mean Adult Services

I wanted to revive this blog for a couple of reasons. I think it is a great vehicle to showcase our collection and get to know you, our patrons! I also love how clever and down to Earth Annie’s writing is and I hope I can emulate her style. Finally, I love to read and I love libraries, why wouldn’t I want to write about them?

The blog, for now, will keep its original style and featured content while I’m getting used to writing it, but that could change in the future. I am thinking about having an entire feature just for trying out cookbooks, a look at classic science fiction, pulp novels, and other under appreciated literature, and a review of our various book club discussions!  For now though, enjoy the first post since the revival of this blog:  3 to 5 Questions for Authors with Mardi Jo Link!